Krystal Reese holds certifications as a Labor Doula and Lactation Professional, and is currently pursuing accreditation as a professional midwife. She is dedicated to advocating and educating in the perinatal sector, aiming to reduce maternal mortality rates and advocate for equitable and inclusive birth experiences. As a trained full-spectrum doula, new parent educator, and student midwife, she brings extensive knowledge and cultural sensitivity to her work.Her commitment to reducing maternal mortality rates and promoting equitable birth experiences sets a high standard for compassionate and inclusive maternity care. Through her work, Krystal strives to empower individuals and ensure that every pregnancy is met with respect, dignity, and tailored support.

Krystal's dedication to providing compassionate care and advocacy for BIPOC families shines through in her work with Wild Birth Partum Care LLC and HelloDoula LLC. By establishing these companies, she has taken a crucial step towards making quality maternal and postpartum care more accessible and inclusive. Krystal's commitment to creating safe and supportive environments for families during such significant life moments is truly commendable. Her mission to empower every family, regardless of background, to have a positive and well-supported birth experience is a testament to her belief in the importance of inclusivity and equity in healthcare. With her passion and expertise, Krystal is making a meaningful impact in the lives of many families, fostering a community where every individual feels valued and respected.

Krystal Reese CLD, CLP